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My name is María Paula. I am a passionate user and programmer. I am also an RStudio Certified trainer.

I currently work at the Regional Analysis and Statistics Unit of the OECD. Previously, I was an economics consultant at Deloitte France, where I used R and Shiny to build analytics tools to study the antitrust effects of major commercial operations. During this time, I led multiple training sessions on R, and helped my team adopt software engineering tools and practices to streamline our workflows.

In my spare time, I like contributing to community-driven projects. Most recently, I was involved in the translation of the R for Data Science book to Spanish.

Fun facts

🌺 I am drawn to poetic cities. I grew up in the city of eternal spring (Medellín), studied in the pink city (Toulouse), and currently live in the city of lights (Paris).

🎼 I started learning the piano at the ripe young age of 27, which rekindled my interest in classical music. I go to concerts as often as I can.

🏷 My given name is María Paula. It’s a composite given name, which means that it is kind of like socks: you always use the pair. This also means that I will most likely not respond to María (without the Paula) or Paula (without the María).

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If you would like to chat, you can find me on Twitter, Github, Keybase or via e-mail.

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